Andrea Ceriani (1989)

Graduated in architecture at the Politecnico di Milano, he is an architecture and landscape photographer.

His growing interest in architectural representation identifies photography as the expressive language capable of searching for beauty in the measured balance between composition, light and measure, understood as the relationship between space and the observer.

In his work, photography thus becomes a tool of investigation capable of capturing fragments of reality that silently narrate the intimate and personal relationship between the photographer and the represented space, in search of a measured balance between personal perception and critical reading of the project.

He works in collaboration with national and international architecture studios, with regular publications in paper and web magazines.

Abitare, Architectural Digest, Archdaily, Architizer, Area, Ark Journal, Casas de Portugal, Dentrocasa, Design Boom, Divisare, Domus, ElleDecor, Interni, Living Etc, Professione Architetto, The Plan, Vogue (...)